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As a Data Scientist at IBM, you will help transform our clients’ data into tangible business value by analyzing information, communicating outcomes and collaborating on product development. Work with Best in Class open source and visual tools, along with the most flexible and scalable deployment options. Whether it’s investigating patient trends or weather patterns, you will work to solve real world problems for the industries transforming how we live.

Your Role and Responsibilities

What Will You Do as an IBM Data & Technology Transformation Senior Consultant?

As a Data & Technology Transformation Senior Consultant, you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in technical, analytical, and artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled solutions and services, working with teams to help leading organizations solve business problems by gathering, understanding, preparing, and analyzing data to support efficient operations, strategic planning, and data-driven decision making.

Data & Technology Transformation Service Line:

Our Senior Consultants provide business insights to IBM clients through innovative solutions and services.

You will:

  • Utilize analytical and AI technologies to help clients understand the complexities of their data
  • Apply process, data and operating model disciplines to deliver operational efficiencies and effectiveness for clients
  • Support innovation across the value chain by leveraging emerging technologies to perform process diagnostic and benchmarking thru implementation of enterprise solutions
  • Enhance clients’ ability to gather insight on constraints, gather insight of new data and drive standardization thru application of automation platforms
  • Leverage statistical, econometric, stochastic, operations research, predictive modeling, simulation, optimization, machine learning (ML) and/or deep learning techniques
  • Support the design, development, and deployment of data-driven technology solutions and strategy
  • Implement technology solutions using analytical tools and programming languages including Python, R, SAS, and SPSS
  • Collaborate with clients to define key business problems to be solved
  • Formulate technical approaches and gather data to solve client problems and drive client strategy
  • Support technology thought leadership and eminence through internal and external presentations
  • Lead technical and business development efforts for analytics and AI solutions and client engagements

If your expertise is working with data science technologies and/or data modeling, you will successfully support clients by:

  • Developing models to analyze structured and unstructured data (numerical data, documents, social/news media, imagery, speech) and identify critical insights for business analytics across various domains
  • Utilizing proficiency in programming languages, data structures, algorithms, storage systems, and other technical tools to develop technology solutions
  • Leveraging familiarity with AI/ML models (regression, decision trees, classifiers, neural networks) and technologies (such Keras, TensorFlow, PyTorch, and other open source software) to perform analysis, which may include applications of natural language processing and computer vision
  • Researching and architecting novel analytical and AI approaches for client use cases, including anomaly detection, prediction, trend analysis, knowledge management, and information retrieval
  • Utilizing knowledge of environment, processing, and runtime requirements to deploy full-stack solutions enabled by analytical and AI models
  • Working effectively and independently in a team of technical and non-technical individuals

If your expertise is working with data analysis and/or data strategy, you will successfully support clients by:

  • Identifying and implementing effective methods, techniques, and technologies for data architecture, integration, mapping, management, and governance
  • Developing processing approaches for the extraction, transformation, movement, and/or storage of data
  • Ingesting various data formats and streams, which may include integration with big data frameworks such as Spark or Hadoop
  • Leveraging knowledge of data modeling to provide recommendations on approaches for extracting key insights and trends to inform client strategy and decision-making
  • Providing hands-on business knowledge while working with data scientists, developers, designers, business transformation consultants, and other cross-functional teams
  • Understanding how technical decisions impact end user experiences
  • Seamlessly managing client relationships and communicating efficacy of technology solutions

If your expertise is business process management or process automation, you will successfully support clients by:

  • Identifying and implementing effective methods, techniques, and technologies for process transformation
  • Enhancing processes through automation, developing and deploying platforms to facilitate business transformation
  • Conducting improvement workshops and other interactive sessions to understand current state processes, process and customer pain points, and future state requirements in order to identify and implement improvements.
  • Creating technology roadmaps for platform development and the onboarding of new assets
  • Managing software development, integration, and testing for large-scale business critical applications following Agile methodologies.

Required Technical and Professional Expertise

  • Must have the ability to obtain and maintain a Federal security clearance while in IBM Consulting – Federal.
  • Bachelor’s degree
  • MA, MBA, MPA, MPH, MPP or MS at time of start
  • Availability to start in 2024
  • Relocation to the Washington, DC Metro Area
  • Willingness and ability to travel up to 100%. While most projects are local to the DC Metro area, US Federal’s portfolio of projects spans the US.

Preferred Technical and Professional Expertise

  • Experience in pursuing your master’s degree with concentrations in the following areas:
  • Decision Analytics, Data Mining, Information Sciences, Information Technology, Quantitative Analysis, Operations Research, Operations Analytics, MBAs with Analytical Focus, Engineering, Computer Science, Statistics, Data Management, Decision Science, Quantitative Science, Mathematics, Information Systems, Industrial Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing
  • Prior consulting &/or relevant work experience in one of the following industries: Federal, State & Local Government, Defense and Education
  • A passion for the Federal Sector, coupled with the ability to understand challenges that governments and their workers face and the ability to provide solutions that will provide long term value to the citizens of this country
  • Capacity and eagerness to learn new assignments, systems, and tools
  • Aptitude for technology tools and applications
  • Experience or certification working in the Agile method
  • Cloud trainings and/or certifications, particularly demonstrating AI/ML and other analytics expertise (e.g., IBM Cloud, AWS, GCP, Azure)

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