Senior Data Scientist

Full time

Employment Information

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What you’ll do…


  • Understands, articulates, and applies principles of the defined strategy to routine business problems that involve a single function.
  • Supports the understanding of the priority order of requirements and service level agreements. Helps identify the most suitable source for data that is fit for purpose. Performs initial data quality checks on extracted data.

Analytical Modeling:

  • Selects the analytical modeling technique most suitable for the structured, complex data and develops custom analytical models.
  • Conducts exploratory data analysis activities (for example, basic statistical analysis, hypothesis testing, statistical inferences) on available data.
  • Defines and finalizes features based on model responses and introduces new or revised features to enhance the analysis and outcomes.
  • Identifies the dimensions of the experiment, finalizes the design, tests hypotheses, and conducts the experiment.
  • Perform trend and cluster analysis on data to answer practical business problems and provide recommendations and key insights to the business.
  • Mentors and guides junior associates on basic modeling and analytics techniques to solve complex problems. Identifies the model evaluation metrics.
  • Applies best practice techniques for model testing and tuning to assess accuracy, fit, validity, and robustness for multi-stage models and model ensembles.
  • Supports efforts to ensure that analytical models and techniques used can be deployed into production.
  • Supports evaluation of the analytical model. Supports the scalability and sustainability of analytical models.
  • Writes code to develop the required solution and application features by using the recommended programming language and leveraging business, technical, and data requirements.
  • Test the code using the recommended testing approach. Generates appropriate graphical representations of data and model outcomes.
  • Understands customer requirements to design appropriate data representation for multiple data sets.
  • Work with User Experience designers and User Interface engineers as required to build front end applications.
  • Presents to and influences the team and business audience using the appropriate frameworks and conveys clear messages through business and stakeholder understanding.
  • Customize communication style based on stakeholder under guidance and leverages rational arguments.

Minimum education and experience required:

  • Bachelor’s degree or the equivalent in Statistics, Computer Science, Information Technology, or related field plus 3 years of experience in analytics or a related field;
  • OR Master’s degree or the equivalent in Statistics, Computer Science, Information Technology, or related field plus 1 year of experience in analytics or a related field;
  • OR 5 years of experience in analytics or a related field.

Skills required:

  • Must have experience with: Performing Exploratory Data Analysis using SQL, Python or R;
  • Conducting statistical analysis using R and Python;
  • Developing software code in one or more programming languages (Python and R);
  • Researching/Developing Machine Learning solutions using Python and R;
  • Developing Machine Learning workflows using MLOps principles;
  • Developing CI/CD pipelines and using Git for source code control management;
  • Building scalable systems using technologies like Spark, Cassandra, Hadoop and Hadoop ecosystem;
  • Creating interactive visualization dashboards using Tableau and PowerBI;
  • Performing Extract Transform Load (ETL) operations using SQL-on-Big Data technologies (Hive, Impala, Spark SQL);
  • Building MLOps infrastructure for model deployment and model monitoring using cloud technologies;
  • Developing predictive models and forecasting models using R or Python. Employer will accept any amount of experience with the required skills.

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