Decision Scientist - Data visualization

Full time

Employment Information

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Job Summary and Mission:

This job contributes to Starbucks success by guiding business decisions through data & visualizations that deliver stakeholder outcomes. Our goal is to translate research into usable data products & self-service tools that democratizes data across the entire Starbucks enterprise. You will be an expert in the application of research/statistics and democratizing data that supports Starbucks Global lines of business.

As a Starbucks Decision Scientist, you will be focused on embedding analytics into business units to empower data driven decision making, ultimately helping us make decisions better. Proficient in communication, data presentation, and storytelling skills. Ability to build end to end analytics solutions (from the ETL to data visualization) required. Models and acts in accordance with Starbucks guiding principles.

Models and acts in accordance with Starbucks guiding principles.

As a Decision Scientist, you will…

  • DMB (decisions made better): Help us make decisions better, by democratizing business focused data driven decision making tools: dashboards and data products.
  • Data Visualization: Can create beautiful, easily understood visuals that tell a story. Possesses exceptional visualization acumen, with expert communication and data presentation and storytelling skills, to produce relevant, standard, or custom information (reports, charts, graphs, and tables) from structured data sources by querying data repositories and generating the associated information. Skilled communication and data presentation and storytelling skills.
  • Data manipulation and preparation: Expert Ability to manipulate large-scale, complex data from a variety of systems (Azure, Oracle, Databricks). Experience reshaping and cleansing data for analysis. Demonstrated experience with cloud tech for data and analytics solutions (Azure, Databricks). Should be able to spot anomalies and data issues and work cross functionally to resolve.

We’d love to hear from people with:

  • Data Visualization: 1-3 years experience with Tableau, PowerBI or D3 (Tableau and/or D3 preferred). Possesses a strong visualization acumen, with strong communication and storytelling skills.
  • Data Preparation: 2-5 years experience working with SQL and cloud-based technologies (Azure, Databricks) to consolidate and summarize data, automate, and build sustainable data pipelines, and has an eye for detail in QC and UAT.

Basic Qualifications

  • Strong portfolio demonstrating design principles, data visualization best practices, storytelling, and information design.
  • Strong interpersonal and written communication skills across multi-disciplinary teams.
  • MS+ with concentration in quantitative discipline - Stats, Math, Comp Sci, Engineering, Econ, Quantitative Social Science or similar discipline.

Core Competencies

Puts the Customer First: Has a relentless focus on the customer. Understands what the customer wants and how to best deliver the experience. Works Well with Others: Listens and communicates well with others within and outside of Starbucks. Creates a team environment that is positive and productive. Leads Courageously: Takes personal responsibility to do the right thing, and persists in times of challenge or uncertainty. Adapts quickly to change and makes timely, thoughtful decisions. Develops Continuously: Continuously seek opportunities to improve self and others. Leads with trust, honesty, and commitment to hire, coach and develop partners to achieve their potential. Achieves Results: Understands what drives overall business success and is accountable to prioritize and deliver quality results. Demonstrates knowledge of core products and processes to get results. Anticipates obstacles and takes action to prevent or minimize their impact.


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