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The staff data scientist role in Tech@Tyson is part of a centralized team of data scientists in our Data & Analytics organization. We’re accountable for the strategy and delivery of data science at Tyson Foods across core competencies such as forecasting, optimization, and causal inference. We do this by actively identifying and prioritizing feasible data science opportunities, applying best fit solutions after completing our technical due diligence, delivering, and supporting applications. The majority of our applications serve internal users, but impact Tyson Foods customers.



A bachelor’s or master’s degree in computer science, data science, operations research, statistics, applied mathematics, or a related quantitative field or equivalent work experience such as, economics, engineering and physics is preferred. Alternate experience and education in equivalent areas such as economics, engineering or physics, is acceptable. Experience in more than one area is strongly preferred. Candidates must have a specialization in ML, AI, cognitive science or data science.


Candidates must have 6 or more years of relevant project experience in successfully launching, planning, executing and leading data science projects. Preferably in the domains of forecasting, optimization, computer vision, causal inference, customer behavior prediction, and/or factory automation.

  • Experience formulating business problems in terms of technical problems that can be solved with standard data science patterns
  • Identify and understand necessary data sources, as well as utilize data from those systems and implement data quality checks relevant to specific applications
    • A familiarity with common cloud data platforms expected (e.g., BigQuery, Databricks, Snowflake, Redshift, etc.)
  • Create analytical models for either decision support (e.g., delivering insights through a dashboard) or operational analytics (e.g., automated, intelligent decision making embedded in a larger process)
    • A specialization in text analytics, image recognition, graph analysis or other specialized ML techniques such as deep learning, etc., is required
    • Familiarity in common development platforms (e.g., Azure ML, SageMaker, Vertex AI, Databricks, etc.)
  • Assess model performance and validate model output validation
  • Deploy a data processing solution and scale it as needed, whether through tooling integration or familiarity with software engineering practices
    • Familiarity with distributed data processing approaches is required
  • Develop and test data processing software applications
    • Advanced aptitude in Python is required, along with the libraries and tools available in the machine learning ecosystem within Python
    • Familiarity with unit, integration, and other automated testing implementations
  • Candidates are adept in agile methodologies and well-versed in applying DevOps/MLOps practices (e.g., feature store, metadata tracking, model registries, deployment services)
  • Candidates should have demonstrated the ability to manage data science projects and teams


Springdale, Arkansas (onsite)

Our Vision: Transform the way Tyson works through innovation and technology.

Our Mission: Deliver secure, industry leading automation, analytics and digitally integrated solutions.

Our Goals: People, Projects Sustainability, Operational Excellence, Health and Safety and Diversity and Inclusion.

Please note: This position is not eligible for visa sponsorship or employer supported STEM OPT extension.


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