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Thoucentric is a niche management consulting company that uses relevant digital and functional domain expertise to solve problems in Supply Chain, Sales & Distribution, and Finance.

The consulting framework of Thoucentric integrates subject matter expertise, technological understanding, structured project management, and governance. As a result, our consultants have a natural advantage over the traditional consultant, who concentrates solely on advisory services.

Our consulting capabilities have been institutionalized and anchored by the industry senior partners “who have been there and done that” as people in environments like our clients’, this has allowed us to create teams who can act naturally as extensions of our client’s teams.

In our problem-solving journey, we stay aware of the evolving technology landscape through partnerships with the best in the business. Thoucentric collaborates with our technology partners to develop strategies, and our consultants work on end-to-end projects incorporating these world-class technologies.

In the process, we have built a state-of-the-art digital workforce of data scientists, engineers, and visualization experts, creating solutions for clients who want to develop point solutions themselves.

Thoucentric Labs’ successful product launches in the areas of demand forecasting, predictive quality, business scenario planning, and commodity price forecasting validate our excellent problem-solving skills.