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We transmit, distribute and connect electricity to and from 3.5 million homes and businesses over our network, 24 hours a day, every day of the year. We operate in three of the UK’s largest cities (Liverpool, Glasgow & Edinburgh) accounting for 1.6m (46%) of our customers, as well as three significant rural areas (North Wales, Scottish Borders and Dumfries & Galloway).

We take electricity generated from power stations and renewable energy sources, reduce it to the low voltage needed for homes and transport it through our vast electricity network. We also provide customers with new or upgraded connections to our network.

We are a substantial employer with a distribution workforce of 2,600 internal employees made up of field staff, engineers, technical specialists, customer service and support staff based at 17 locations in the South of Scotland and 17 locations in England and Wales. We utilise around 2,500 contractors across these areas.

Our highly trained and specialist staff work 24/7 to maintain the performance and safe condition of our electricity network, respond to customer enquiries and restore the supply as quickly as possible when a fault occurs on the network.

In the UK, we are a leading Distribution Network Operator (DNO) in distributing renewable energy, having connected around 7GW of renewable generation to our networks with more connected on a daily basis.