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PrognomiQ aims to generate proteomic information with high accuracy, scale and speed. This proteomic data will be complemented with genomic, metabolomic and other health information to deliver first-in-class test products that enable early disease detection and treatment.

Powerful, Untapped Disease Insights Built on a Proteomics Foundation: Until now, there have been major technical and economic barriers to broad-scale proteomics analyses, leaving this rich resource of molecular information largely untapped for clinical purposes. These barriers have now been largely addressed through next generation tools that can elucidate complex proteomics at scale.

Complementary Molecular Information: Genomic data has made clear contributions to researchers’ abilities to understand and more precisely treat disease, but it is has shown limited impact on early-stage disease detection. Proteomics provides direct information on the biological state of a cell, including disease at its earliest state, but proteomics data has been technically difficult to generate – until now. By complementing the new sources of proteomics data with genomics and other data, such as metabolomics, we now have the tools to generate powerful multi-omics data that will be the key to unlock the detection and treatment of disease at its earliest stages, when these diseases are most likely to be cured.

Unlocking Disease Detection and Treatment with Multi-omics Data: We designed our proprietary multi-omics platform around the most robust approaches to generating proteomic, genomic and metabolomics data at scale, including the use of the Proteograph technology platform from the life science tools company Seer (NASDAQ: SEER) whom PrognomiQ spun out of in 2020.