US Data Science Salary Report 2023


Delve into the 2023 overview of the Data Science job market in the United States, sourced from the leading job portal, Our analysis is based on 570 job postings, providing invaluable insights into salary disclosures, job hierarchy, geographical preferences, and work mode.

Job Postings, Salary Insights:

Trace through 570 job postings in 2023. Among them, 388 assignments came with disclosed salaries, underlining the urgency for better transparency in revealing pay scales in the data science industry, while 182 positions lacked salary insights.

Data Science Job Levels, Comprehensive Breakdown:

Scrutinize various strata of data science roles ranging from Entry level and Internship to Senior and Executive tiers. Medium and Senior level job postings recorded the highest frequency with 250 and 239, respectively. In contrast, executive roles remained sparse at 27, highlighting a narrower apex of the job pyramid. Entry level (23) and internship (31) opportunities, although fewer, signified a constant influx of novices into the field.

Salary Transparency Analysis, Job Levels in Focus:

Identify the relationship between job levels and salary disclosures. The senior level emerged as the most transparent with 175 of 239 roles revealing the wage structure. The Medium level followed at 160 out of 250. Despite their lower numbers, Entry and Executive level jobs matched each other at 17 revealing salary ranges. Internship level stood at 19. The data emphasizes the need for addressing incongruences between the number of job postings and their salary transparency.

No Salary Insights, Role Levels Explored:

The report also analyses the job levels that refrained from releasing salary data. The Medium level again led the chart with 90 such roles, next up was the Senior level with 64 positions. Internships (12), Executive level (10), and entry-level (6) jobs pulled up the rear, playing their part in this ambiguity.

On we have the next job levels:

  • Internship: This is a job level for beginners, often students or individuals seeking to gain practical experience in a specific industry or role.

  • Entry Level: This job level is for individuals who have minimal or no experience (0-2 years) in a particular role or industry.

  • Medium Level: These positions are for those who have some experience (2-5 years) in a certain field or role.

  • Senior Level: This is for professionals who have significant experience (5+ years) in a specific role or industry.

  • Executive Level: This is the top job tier, typically for positions such as head of a department or similar high-ranking roles.

Work Modes, On-Site, Hybrid vs Remote:

Unravel the work modes offered across the US job market. Hybrid or in-office possibilities dominated the tally with 434 roles, while remote positions, despite the global trend towards home-office setups, remained underrepresented at 136 jobs.

Geographically Bound Salary Distributions:

Unearth geographical peculiarities that influenced Data Science job listings across US states. The data encapsulated the maximum job concentration in California (124), trailing were New York (51), Washington (40), Virginia (13), and Texas (10). Salary variations by zones within these states played a significant role in these trends.

It is also worth noting that most large companies openly publish their salary levels by state. Often these are 3-4 zones.

For the next graphs we calculated an average for every data salary range and use this value as a data for the next vizualization. This Salary compensation value does not include bonuses, stock, or any other additional benefits.

Here the detailed breakdown data science salaries by US top 3 states(California, New York, Washington):

I removed a couple of vacancies from the sample that stood out strongly from the general data and were essentially compensation champions. Btw, positions are still open!

Data Scientist at Netflix (L5) - $150 000 - $750 000

Data Scientist (L6) - Member Product - $300 000 - $900 000

Internship Roles:

Undeniably, internships are the launch pads for data science careers. Internship stipends vary in the wide range from $20 to $80 hourly.

Remote Data Science Jobs

Remote jobs have a similar distribution, the most popular roles are Medium and Senior. It is worth remembering, although some companies write that remote work is possible in the US, sometimes there are restrictions on the states from which you can work.

Remote Data Science jobs salary distribution

Closing Remarks:

Employers are gradually moving to a hybrid work model, but remote vacancies are still present, albeit in the minority. This report provides meticulously-curated insights into the Data Science job landscape in 2023 based on jobs published on Like this report? Please share it. We will be hapy to receive any feedback from you