Senior Scientist – Computational Biology / Data Science


Employment Information

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6-month initial contract with potential to renew

The early V&I group is seeking a highly motivated Senior Scientist to work with a multidisciplinary international team of elite scientists to transform how therapeutics are discovered and developed for infectious diseases.

The scientist, depending on the level and field of expertise, will use various molecular tools and/or machine learning to analyze genomic data to support monoclonal antibody and vaccine programs. You will have opportunities to contribute machine learning and computational biology expertise to analyze sophisticated genomic data from human and preclinical animal studies and/or to optimize antibody design vial ML-guided methods.

Major Duties and Responsibilities:

Depending on the area of expertise, the scientist will help with single cell analytics to enhance antibody discovery, to develop and maintain various computational workflows, and to design and build intuitive visualizations via reports and dashboards (RShiny, Power BI, etc.).



MS/MPH (with 3+ Or 7+ years of industry or academia experience) or Ph.D. (preferred) in Computational Biology, Data Science, Epidemiology, Biostatistics, Genomics, Biophysics, or related field.


  • Extensive experience in developing and validating informatics pipelines and scientific algorithms for ‘omics analyses or ML-guided antibody design.
  • Experience in processing and analyzing sequencing data from research and clinical samples.
  • Proven skill in analyzing and visualizing genomic data to drive insight and decision-making
  • Experience in analyzing ‘omic data such as single cell sequencing (scRNAseq, TCRseq, BCRseq, BEAM, other 10x platform data).
  • Experience conducting statistical analyses with metadata to interpret clinical and experimental results and design appropriately powered preclinical studies.
  • Must be motivated and capable of working independently as well as collaboratively with a diverse and global group of scientists
  • Must have a ‘getting things done’ mentality, be creative, pro-active, enthusiastic, and capable of out-of-the-box thinking.

Special Skills/Abilities:

  • Strong programming skills in R, Unix, Python and/or other languages commonly used for bioinformatics analysis.
  • Experience with methods to predict and design antibody-antigen interactions is highly desirable.
  • Good knowledge and understanding of data science approaches including machine and deep learning.
  • Experience working with computing cluster environments.
  • Skilled at analyzing, reporting, and visualizing data.
  • Experience working within regulated environments such as GxP/GCP/GMP when working with tools and databases.
  • Strong interpersonal skills and the ability to present complex scientific data to cross-functional and senior management teams

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