Senior Data Scientist

Full time

Employment Information

The position you were interested in has been filled or expired, but we invite you to explore other exciting job openings on our platform to find your next career opportunity.

What you will do:

You will together with your team work on ML-based solutions that enrich financial transaction data, transforming it into highly valuable information. Being a cross-functional team we own our products end to end including data pipelines, feature engineering, model development, productionizing the model, and all backend services and part of the frontend needed to serve our customers.

Some of the challenges the Risk Decisioning Product team is working on are:

  • Transaction categorization (classification, NLP)
  • Credit risk/purchase power assessment
  • Behavior prediction, time series prediction

Since the team already counts on data and machine learning engineering skills you’ll contribute to the team mainly with your analytical, statistical, and model development abilities that stem from your experience with Credit Decisioning. However, you will also work with an experienced engineering team to make data and model pipelines and put models into production owning the full data/predictive lifecycle.

What we offer you

  • You will be working in a team of skilled and highly collaborative data scientists and backend engineers
  • You will have the chance to be at the beginning of the journey and part of building something from scratch
  • You will be a part of one of the fastest growing areas at Tink
  • We believe in autonomy so the team has ample freedom to make technical decisions to make their products great and run flawlessly in production
  • You will have the freedom to explore with large amounts of already existing data, raw as well as annotated, and drive the gathering of new data that may be needed to achieve our goals

What we are looking for

We believe that you’re a great fit for this position if you’re passionate about data science and statistical analysis and making a significant improvement in people’s finances and how underwriters conduct their decisioning. We see that you have:

  • Knowledge of machine learning and statistics
  • Experience in credit risk modeling and underwriting/decisioning
  • Strong communication skills to reason and connect findings to business
  • Interest in our clients and client interactions
  • Experience designing, running and evaluating experiments centered around feature engineering for predictive analysis
  • SQL and programming skills in Python

We welcome all kinds of personalities here at Tink. What we do think is important is your values. If you feel that our values match yours - you’ll probably feel right at home with us.

  • Challenging - We are here to challenge the industry as well as ourselves
  • Exceptional - We always strive to be the best version of ourselves
  • Sincere - We are true in our actions and say what we believe in
  • Responsible - We step up, take initiatives and make things happen
  • Friendly - We are in this together, we are one team

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