Senior Data Scientist

Full time

Employment Information

The Moz Group Data Engineering team is looking for a Senior Data Scientist. You are expected to research and guide approaches to solving SEO-related problems. You will research the latest techniques, present recommendations, and implement solutions. Some of your responsibilities include:

  • Design, test and implement NLP and/or machine learning models to extract and classify data from large datasets of SERPs.
  • Present findings and insights to both technical and non-technical audiences through reports, visualizations, and presentations.
  • Work closely with the engineering and product teams to assist and guide with project delivery from inception to completion.
  • Collect, clean, analyze, and interpret SERP data
  • Collaborate with software and data engineers to implement, integrate, and deploy ML models into our existing data pipelines.
  • Become a trusted advisor on how to incorporate and make the best use of ML techniques to advance the use of our data.

Expected Experience:

  • Advanced degree in Data Science, Data Analysis, Statistics, Computer Science, or equivalent experience
  • Proficiency in Python
  • Proficiency in SQL and general understanding of relational databases
  • Experience with machine learning and NLP principles and techniques
  • Strong analytical skills to collect, clean, analyze, and interpret large datasets
  • Ability to communicate insights in layman’s terms to inform product decisions

Preferred Experience:

  • Experience with AWS (EMR and S3)
  • Experience with Databricks
  • Domain knowledge in SEO
  • Experience with LLMs and OpenAI offerings
  • Experience with GPT and Transformer
  • Experience with clustering algorithms (e.x. k-means) and principal component analysis.

Who you are:

  • Empathetic. You understand that we are all on our own journeys and that mistakes are part of learning and growing.
  • Collaborative. You seek to help others and seek help for yourself from teammates. Working together is better than working apart.
  • Data-informed. You rely on evidence and insights to make informed decisions, utilizing data to support your strategies and enhance your problem-solving abilities.
  • Practical problem solver. You possess a hands-on approach to tackle challenges, efficiently resolving issues with realistic and actionable solutions.
  • Outcome-focused. You understand that the impact of your actions matters most and strive to produce results that align with the broader objectives and vision.
  • Thoughtful / Details Oriented. You look beyond the surface details to understand the underlying problems and challenges.
  • Responsible. You have a sense of ownership for your work and the systems you manage.

About the Moz Group

The Moz Group, a subsidiary of Ziff Davis, Inc (NASDAQ: ZD), is a leading provider of marketing technology solutions primarily for small and medium-sized enterprises that empowers businesses to engage their customers digitally and grow their revenue by leveraging the power of online search, email, voice, and text communications.

About Ziff Davis

At Ziff Davis, we work in a culture of collaboration and welcome those who desire to join our growing global community. We seek enthusiastic individuals with an entrepreneurial spirit looking for and environment that rewards your best work.

Ziff Davis offers competitive salaries, health benefits, and company-sponsored events. If you are seeking a dynamic work environment where you can see the direct impact of your performance, then Ziff Davis is the place for you. We offer a fun and friendly working environment where individuals are given the opportunity to learn, grown and build on their skills.


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