Senior Data Scientist

Full time

Employment Information

As a Senior Data Scientist, you will play a pivotal role in shaping our approach to healthcare analytics through your expertise in handling large-scale, real-world healthcare databases. This involves strategic data manipulation and analysis within the OMOP/OHDSI standardized frameworks to support our analytics and data interoperability efforts.

The OMOP Productised Analytics team’s mission is to deliver world class and globally scalable projects through:

  • Rapid analytics - to assess study feasibility and availability of data.
  • Standardised characterisations of the composition of a population: their demographic structure, the distribution of their comorbidities, the duration between diagnosis and intervention, etc.
  • Protocol-driven analytics - estimating the association between clinical interventions and their outcomes – benefits and adverse events.
  • Predictive models for determination of populations (phenotypes) or outcomes. (patient-level predictions)
  • This requires global leadership across technical and data architecture, data manipulation, analytics script and report generation, software development and data visualization. The solutions are delivered to a variety of clients across life-science, government, payer or provider organizations. The team also curates the largest collection de-identified Real-World Data in the world in OMOP Common Data Model, from different patient care settings in multiple countries worldwide, making it the forefront of “Big Data” in healthcare.

In this role you can expect to;

  • Executing retrospective analytical packages as part of the DARWIN initiative and other OMOP projects as deemed necessary.
  • Review, design and execute a range of healthcare research projects, working with multiple data partners as part of a federated data network.
  • Work collaboratively with OMOP data scientists, plus other team members across OMOP Productised Analytics including external DARWIN Researchers based within the DARWIN Coordinating Centre. (DARWIN CC).
  • Support the Data Scientists and other technical experts with building the team’s subject matter expertise with regards to RWE and the OMOP common data model.
  • Collaborate with members of the OHDSI community, participate in the OHDSI community through study projects such as study-a-thons, code development and knowledge sharing.
  • Support customer focused training sessions and tutorials where necessary.
  • Translate detailed research specifications into documented instructions, debug routine queries and prepares necessary documentation.
  • Complete documentation and procedures for installation and maintenance of cohorts.
  • Using current programming language and technologies, write code, complete programming, and perform testing and debugging of applications and queries.
  • Ad-hoc script writing in R, SQL.

Our ideal candidate will have;

  • Good knowledge of healthcare / life science issues involving Real-World Evidence or experience with patient-level, longitudinal data.
  • Master’s or higher education or at several years’ experience of analysing healthcare data.
  • Strong script writing in R and SQL.
  • Experience in manipulating and querying data at scale.
  • Flexible and adaptable in a client focused, results driven environment.
  • Ability to collaborate with team members effectively across multiple time-zones.
  • Experience of a fast-paced, consultancy environment.
  • Willingness to travel to customer and non-customer sites in North America and Europe.

Location and travel

Minimal travel expected to other IQVIA offices (London, East Coast US) or to attend conferences and workshops as required. Hybrid office working.

The Team

IQVIA has adopted OMOP/OHDSI as a systematic and standardized approach to Real-World Evidence. Data are converted into the OMOP Common Data Model, making queries and analytics interoperable and sharable. In addition, the generation of these queries and tools and its execution can be separated, both physically as well as logically, creating the opportunity to develop code for purposes of descriptive statistics or hypothesis testing in the absence of a direct data access to all data assets being targeted. As a consequence, the generation of insights becomes an industrialized process, including the characterization of data and the generation of insights.

Why join?

Those who join us become part of a recognized global leader still willing to challenge the status quo to improve patient care. You will have access to the most cutting-edge technology, the largest data sets, the best analytics tools and, in our opinion, some of the finest minds in the Healthcare industry.

You can drive your career at IQVIA and choose the path that best defines your development and success. With exposure across diverse geographies, capabilities, and vast therapeutic and information and technology areas, you can seek opportunities to change and grow without boundaries.

Regardless of your role, we invite you to reimagine healthcare with us. You will have the opportunity to play an important part in helping our clients drive healthcare forward and ultimately improve human health outcomes.

It’s an exciting time to join and reimagine what’s possible in healthcare.

IQVIA is a strong advocate of diversity and inclusion in the workplace. We believe that a work environment that embraces diversity will give us a competitive advantage in the global marketplace and enhance our success. We believe that an inclusive and respectful workplace culture fosters a sense of belonging among our employees, builds a stronger team, and allows individual employees the opportunity to maximize their personal potential.

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