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The AppGeo Division of The Sanborn Map Company is a leader in geospatial analytics, services and solutions and is looking to grow our team. We are looking for an experienced Data Scientist who can help lead a growing team of geospatial data analytics experts. The team contributes to a wide variety of projects potentially involving analysis of demographics, logistics, transportation networks, or financial modeling for both public and private sector clients.

The ideal candidate will have a deep passion for solving real-world problems through applied data analytics and geoanalytics. Strong interpersonal and communications skills are essential, as this person will be interacting directly with clients as well as our internal team and external partners, often having to explain our approach and making complex analytics more easily understood. A commitment to personal excellence and professionalism will serve as the foundation for all activities and will inspire others on our team to contribute their best. A willingness to explore and experiment in the search for solutions and alternatives will guide the team in presenting best-in-class options to our clients. This person will also be committed to continuous learning and improvement, monitoring a variety of information channels to keep abreast of developments and keep our team informed. The ideal candidate will have all the technical skills outlined and be knowledgeable of the subject matter, of which broadband is a large part of the portfolio.


  • Collaborate with customers and colleagues to identify innovative analytics solutions for a diverse set of customers.
  • Research and prototype solutions for key markets and clients
  • Identify and nurture data and analytics partnerships which enhance the company’s market position.
  • Mentor a growing team of data scientists; Delegate tasks successfully
  • Lead data mining and collection procedure development
  • Ensure data quality and integrity of products and solutions.
  • Interpret and analyze client data problems.
  • Conceive, plan and prioritize data projects.
  • Build analytic systems and predictive models.
  • Test the performance of data products and solutions.
  • Scope new feature extraction models and techniques
  • Lead work on highly complex analytics related to broadband implementation and infrastructure.

Desired Knowledge and Skills

  • Geospatial consulting experience with Government and Commercial clients
  • Experience with agile solution development and sprint methods
  • Combination of deep technical knowledge and customer-focused mindset
  • Collaborative approach and outstanding mentorship abilities
  • Ability to coordinate multiple projects and initiatives at once.
  • Strong understanding of data management principles and practices
  • Experience with Deep Learning, Machine Learning and/or Predictive Analytics
  • Strong data visualization skills
  • Geospatial literacy and knowledge of the more specialized analytics in broadband that exploit spatial characteristics (networks, proximity, buffers, etc.

Required Technical Experience

  • Proficiency in programming, ETL, database design and maintenance, spatial and geoanalytic data analysis and mapping. Examples include, R or Python, FME, ESRI ArcPro, Alteryx, CARTO, Node.js, React, Postgres SQL database with PostGIS, JavaScript, MapBox, Google Cloud Platform.

Background and Industry Experience

  • Minimum 5 years’ experience. 10 years’ experience is desired.
  • Knowledge of Broadband and Telecommunications.
  • Bachelor’s Degree in data science or relevant field, or equivalent professional experience. Graduate degree preferred.
  • Expertise in spatial data science, mapping, analytics.
  • Ability to communicate highly complex technical analysis and Broadband issues to clients with minimal or no data science and mapping backgrounds.
  • Ability to link and communicate technical analysis with the current broadband ecosystem, including policy, legislation and implementation.

Networking and Professional Development

  • Relevant professional organization memberships.
  • Relevant conference and industry speaking engagements, conference panel participation, webinars
  • Relevant publications, blogs, industry articles

Position Location: Remote, Boston, MA Area preferred

Annual Salary Range - $100K to $140k


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