Lead Data Scientist - Retail and Consumer

Full time

Employment Information

What you’ll be doing:

As a Lead Data Scientist you’ll be joining our Retail and Consumer team, to lead project teams that deliver bespoke algorithms to our clients. You will be responsible for conceiving the data science approach, for designing the associated software architecture, and for ensuring that best practices are followed throughout. You will directly contribute to the code base of the project with a specific focus on the components that are difficult or require experience to implement. You may be modelling 3D point cloud data to identify and measure assets for Network Rail, using NLP to identify topics in market research or any of our other R&C projects.

You will help our excellent commercial team build strong relationships with clients, shaping the direction of both current and future projects. Particularly in the initial stages of commercial engagements, you will guide the process of defining the scope of projects to come with an emphasis on technical feasibility. We consider this work as fundamental towards ensuring that Faculty can continue to deliver high-quality software within the allocated timeframes.

You will play an important role in the development of others at Faculty by acting as the developmental manager or designated mentor of a small number of data scientists, and by supporting the professional growth of data scientists on the project team. The latter includes giving targeted support where needed, and providing step-up opportunities where helpful.

Faculty has earned wide recognition as a leader in practical data science. You will actively contribute to the growth of this reputation by delivering courses to high-value clients, by talking at major conferences, by participating in external roundtables, or by contributing to large-scale open-source projects. You will also have the opportunity to teach on the fellowship about topics that range from basic statistics to reinforcement learning, and to mentor the fellows through their 6-week project.

Thanks to Faculty platform, you will have access to powerful computational resources, and you will enjoy the comforts of fast configuration, secure collaboration and easy deployment. Because your work in data science will inform the development of our AI products, you will often collaborate with software engineers and designers from our dedicated product team.

Who we’re looking for:

  • Senior experience in a professional data science position

  • Strong programming skills as evidenced by earlier work in data science or software engineering. Although your programming language of choice (e.g. R, MATLAB or C) is not important, we do require the ability to become a fluent Python programmer in a short timeframe

  • An excellent command of the basic libraries for data science (e.g. NumPy, Pandas, Scikit-Learn) and familiarity with a deep-learning framework (e.g. TensorFlow, PyTorch, Caffe)

  • A high level of mathematical competence and proficiency in statistics

  • A solid grasp of essentially all of the standard data science techniques, for example, supervised/unsupervised machine learning, model cross validation, Bayesian inference, time-series analysis, simple NLP, effective SQL database querying, or using/writing simple APIs for models. We regard the ability to develop new algorithms when an innovative solution is needed as a fundamental skill

  • A leadership mindset focussed on growing the technical capabilities of the team; a caring attitude towards the personal and professional development of other data scientists; enthusiasm for nurturing a collaborative and dynamic culture

  • An appreciation for the scientific method as applied to the commercial world; a talent for converting business problems into a mathematical framework; resourcefulness in overcoming difficulties through creativity and commitment; a rigorous mindset in evaluating the performance and impact of models upon deployment

  • Some commercial experience, particularly if this involved client-facing work or project management; eagerness to work alongside our clients; business awareness and an ability to gauge the commercial value of projects; outstanding written and verbal communication skills; persuasiveness when presenting to a large or important audience

  • Experience leading a team of data scientists, both to deliver innovative work and as their developmental manager

  • Experience in composing a project plan, in assessing its technical feasibility, and in estimating the time to delivery

Culture & Benefits at Faculty

The Faculty team is diverse and distinctive, and we all come from different personal, professional and organisational backgrounds. We all have one thing in common: we are driven by a deep intellectual curiosity that powers us forward each day. This curiosity pushes us to seek truth and understanding in everything we do, to execute work in a nimble and pragmatic manner, to foster talent in one another and always to challenge assumptions.

Faculty is the professional challenge of a lifetime. You’ll be surrounded by an impressive group of brilliant minds working to achieve our collective goals. Our consultants, product developers, business development specialists, operations professionals and more all bring something unique to Faculty, and you’ll learn something new from everyone you meet. You’ll also have the opportunity to make your mark on a high-growth start-up now poised to expand internationally.

Fostering talent is one of our core values, it’s built into our culture and what we offer. Faculty was founded by people who are passionate about continuous learning, and adding value to our people.

Some of our benefits:

  • Unlimited holidays: We encourage each other to use this time to take a break, work on personal projects, or to spend time with their friends and family.

  • Genuinely flexible working: We believe people have needs, responsibilities and interests that require something different to a strict working day. We trust people to organise and take accountability for their own work and do our best to support their lives outside Faculty. We provide you with all you need to work from home, including a laptop, keyboard, chair…even Sony headphones!

  • Equity: We want you to benefit from Faculty’s growth and success.

  • Fantastic private health, optical and dental insurance for you & your family - including 24/7 unlimited virtual private GP appointments and covering pre-existing medical conditions.

  • Access to mental health coaching with Sanctus

Free breakfast, weekly lunches and more fruit, drinks and snacks than you could ever eat when you’re in the office.

We work hard and make sure we enjoy what we do. So we have frequent socials and informal get-togethers to help make sure you enjoy your time with us. You’ll make friends and professional connections that will last a lifetime.


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