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Veda helps patients get the care they need by untangling complex data management problems using advanced scientific approaches and in-depth collaboration. Our technology reflects what our people provide: quality without ego, honesty backed by science, and warmth in an industry not known for having much heat.

Veda is made up of talented professionals that are driven to do meaningful work to change healthcare from the inside out. We are also friends, parents, partners, and caregivers. Veda’s benefits reflect our values—we offer fully paid, low or no-deductible medical, dental and vision insurance for our employees and their families. And, our Flexible PTO policy allows employees to take the time off necessary to recharge and have flexibility to care for themselves and their families.

Veda is looking for sharp-minded do-gooders who share our values:

  • Collaboration Working together to identify solutions to current problems
  • Openness Actively listening, sharing and holding space for new ideas, perspectives and people
  • Integrity Doing the right thing, honestly and transparently.
  • Grit Displaying passion and perseverance to achieve our goals.

Ready to build the future with us?

The Growth Data Scientist will support Veda in the continuous discovery of data solutions and create intuitive insights for our enterprise clients. Our ideal candidate is a results oriented professional who is skilled in defining actionable strategies from large and complex datasets and communicating those strategies to clients. In this data science role, you will be expected to apply your skills in wrangling large unstructured datasets to distill findings and work collaboratively with Account Executives and Customer Success Managers to create meaningful narratives and present the resulting insights in a way that is both broadly accessible and technically actionable. The candidate will be expected to refine technical discussions with the customer success managers into clear action items for clients and explain analytics processes to a Data Science Manager.

Job Overview

  • Meticulously investigate the data integrity and quickly pinpoint quality issues that need to be addressed.
  • Explain targeted data-driven results that are client facing in a way that is consumable by client personnel and respond to their feedback to further solution and add value for the conversation
  • Align with client workstreams and create data-driven performance measures to support the strategy of improving client data accuracy
  • Iterate with internal key account stakeholders (Account Manager, Delivery PM, CSM) on data strategy to get to the right story for each client and account for potential objections.
  • Setup processes for account manager requests and follow reproducible methods that can be standardized for client reports and presentations
  • Create and present meaningful and digestible visualizations and reports with charts and graphs to explain the data and associated conclusions

Technical Responsibilites:

  • Work with Customer team to review large datasets in customer csv/xls files and assess what further analysis needs to be done to produce a client story
  • Utilize basic ETL and programming skills (SQL, Python, BASH, SQLite) to join, query, filter and manipulate data; applying your knowledge of provider data and customer situation.
  • Present technical findings to leadership teams and customer stakeholders in a non-technical way
  • Distill client data into recommendations that are part of a holistic strategy for meeting enterprise goals
  • Create a strategy focused view of the data and identify long term trends that tie to client milestones

About You:

  • You have a keen, methodical eye for factors affecting data integrity: you can quickly pinpoint why and how computational processes fail to produce expected results
  • You have excellent SQL coding skills to be able to quickly setup and query a DB with readable/shareable code
  • You have a proven record of data visualization and summarization that can be translated into reports and client facing data stories
  • You are ready to overly communicate and triage issues to the right stakeholders before delivery to a client
  • You take your time to run through explanations with non-technical stakeholders and can expand to a global view of a product.
  • You are comfortable being the subject matter expert and can communicate your expertise to clients
  • You seek to standardize your organizational skills, and share these methods with others to triage analytics work and encourage the best process for requests.

Required Qualifications:

  • 3+ years of direct experience massaging and solutioning around messy, un-structured, and non-uniform data; exercising strong statistical, quantitative, and problem-solving skills
  • 3+ years of data-focused work experience in a social, biological, or physical science; or demonstrable, analytical achievements in the governmental, public, or non-profit sector. (Plus point strong preference for research experience)
  • 5+ years of direct experience data-wrangling large datasets and direct expertise in quantitative analysis or large datasets, ability to tell a story backed by data.

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