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TikTok is the leading destination for short-form mobile video. Our mission is to inspire creativity and bring joy. TikTok has global offices including Los Angeles, New York, London, Paris, Berlin, Dubai, Singapore, Jakarta, Seoul and Tokyo.

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Creation is the core of TikTok’s purpose. Our platform is built to help imaginations thrive. This is doubly true of the teams that make TikTok possible. Together, we inspire creativity and bring joy - a mission we all believe in and aim towards achieving every day. To us, every challenge, no matter how difficult, is an opportunity; to learn, to innovate, and to grow as one team. Status quo? Never. Courage? Always. At TikTok, we create together and grow together. That’s how we drive impact - for ourselves, our company, and the communities we serve.

Join us.

About the Team

Global E-Commerce Data Science Department is a global full-stack data team who empowers and drives Global E-Commerce business growth through impactful data insights and data products. We constantly work on areas such as metrics development, product & operation & algorithm improvement, experimentation, strategy support, data infrastructure, and data product. We are looking for a Senior Data Scientist to join the GNE (Governance and Experience) analysis team, together we can build an e-commerce ecosystem that is innovative, secure and intuitive for our users.


  • Responsible for the data analysis for E-Commerce, focusing on Governance and Experience for users and the platform;
  • Describe the situation of the business, explain the fluctuations of business and provide valuable suggestions with reports;
  • Design the monitoring systems independently to reflect any changes of business in time;
  • Dedicated to data insight and data solutions for governance and experience, helping to ensure a safe and trustworthy marketplace for our buyers, sellers and creators. Ultimately, aims to empower data intelligence systems to evolve, making the E-Commerce ecosystem better and better.


  • Bachelor’s degree or above, major in mathematics, statistics, computer is preferred; or major in science or engineering or engaged in data statistics, analysis, modeling related working areas after graduation;
  • Proficient in SQL and Tableau, and familiar with Python or R for data analysis;
  • Solid work experience in data analysis; Having a good business sense in E-Commerce is a must;
  • Working experience or analytical experience across countries and regions is preferred;
  • Able to complete reports and communicate with global staff and senior leadership independently;
  • Have a strong learning ability and curiosity; Quickly familiar with and starting a new business; Ability to lead a small project team as a PM and mentor to support business;
  • Have a strong ability to work under pressure, have the courage to overcome difficulties, and accept challenges.

TikTok is committed to creating an inclusive space where employees are valued for their skills, experiences, and unique perspectives. Our platform connects people from across the globe and so does our workplace. At TikTok, our mission is to inspire creativity and bring joy. To achieve that goal, we are committed to celebrating our diverse voices and to creating an environment that reflects the many communities we reach. We are passionate about this and hope you are too.


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