Data Scientist

Full time

Employment Information

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Job Context

We are looking for a Data Scientist who will utilise data to create innovative solutions, enhancing decision-making processes, driving value, and supporting business growth.

The Data Scientist at Three plays a critical role in driving data-driven decision making, enhancing operational efficiencies, and crafting solutions that foster revenue growth and risk/fraud mitigation. They will be deeply involved in the entire data science lifecycle, from stakeholder engagement, scoping, and data collection to modelling and deployment.


  • Design and implement ML/AI solutions using business and network data to optimise operational outcomes.
  • Source, extract, and transform data to perform analysis and build ML models.
  • Employ the Data Science Toolkit and best practices throughout the data science lifecycle.
  • Demonstrate structured analytical skills, consistently learning new industry and technology trends.
  • Advocate for best practices, even if it means challenging existing norms where AI/ML may not be the optimal solution.
  • Collaborate with business partners for solution support, model updates, and training needs.
  • Actively contribute to sprint planning, estimation, and backlog prioritisation within an agile framework.
  • Mentor, manage, and foster growth among ‘citizen data scientists’ in the organisation.
  • Team up with data analysts, data engineers, and business SMEs to ensure innovative and holistic solutions.


  • Expertise in Python and SQL.
  • Advantage with familiarity with Spark & Databricks
  • Demonstrated experience in designing advanced models/algorithms addressing core customer challenges.
  • Excellent communication, data visualisation, code management, and cloud deployment skills.
  • An MSc or equivalent practical experience, paired with over 4 years of professional experience in a data science role.

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