Data Scientist

Full time

Employment Information


  • Regularly process and analyze sensor-produced radio frequency (RF) data to extract meaningful assessments
  • Use existing or create data processing tools that efficiently process sensor data to produce relevant products in various formats
  • Develop a wide range of products from sensor data that assist a wide range of consumers ascertain related findings quickly and easily
  • Develop and maintain databases that catalog and track sensor performance, to include but not limited to data quality/integrity, sensitivity, and other metrics
  • Identify, recommend, or create methods to improve sensor data handling, transport, and analysis
  • Maintain awareness of innovations in data processing methods and technology within government, academia, and industry circles
  • Provide recommendations to program manager for future investments in sensor data handling, transport, and analysis
  • Willing to help craft and participate in briefings on sensor capabilities and employment to a wide range of DoD and IC customers
  • Willing to work in a small team environment with occasional flexible shifts to support program objectives


  • Active TS/SCI with current CI Poly or eligibility
  • Bachelor’s degree in data analytics, engineering, or computer science
  • SIGINT or MASINT experience
  • Strong understanding of the RF / Electro Magnetic (EM) spectrum and associated theory
  • Experienced as a Data Engineering or Data Scientist working with large volume data
  • Experience working with RF Data - data formats, standards, protocols, and applications with RF data
  • Experience in processing and analyze data to formulate assessments – preferably with RF type data
  • Expert understanding of data handling, transport, storage, optimization, and visualization techniques
  • Moderate familiarity with development tools and coding to support RF and systems analysis (e.g. ImageJ, Python, Matlab)


  • Ability to develop ad-hoc scripts quickly to test and evaluate systems / data
  • Familiarity with Sensors and collection techniques
  • Understanding of how to Collect, exploit or process Telemetry data
  • Familiar with Cryo-cool systems
  • Basic familiarity with DoD or IC data transport systems or communications networks and their protocols
  • Willing to travel in support of program participation in exercises, demonstrations, and other events
  • Assist team members with sensor set up, breakdown, and travel preparation; be able to lift items rated at 40 pounds or less

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