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Knowledge Graphs (KGs) power many projects in AstraZeneca. The KG framework treats drug discovery as a link prediction problem. Nodes representing compounds have edges connecting them to the conditions they target. Discovering new indications for existing compounds is performed by filling in the missing “treat” edges in the knowledge graph. Graph Neural Networks (GNNs) are the backbone of many graph ML applications including ML on knowledge graphs. Research on GNNs is flourishing, and the number of publications proposing new and improved GNN architectures is exploding.

The project will create a benchmark based on Hetionet to establish the accuracy of link prediction with GNNs. In addition, it will leverage data centric statistical techniques to quantify the impact of data interventions on the different methods. The goal is to identify models and data interventions that perform well in these benchmarks in terms of accuracy and robustness. As a stretch goal, this methodology can be applied to other open KGs, or link prediction tasks such as PharMeBINet, or modelling drug-drug interactions.

The project could indicate ways to enhance our internal use of GNNs and will impact on the deliverables of Graph AI for Drug Development strategic project, particularly in drug discovery and understanding genetic pathways, using BIKG and other internal data sources. Hetionet forms the backbone of some of our internal knowledge graphs, and building an understanding of how to improve the models that rely on it can have substantial downstream effects. Moreover, it is the de facto benchmark dataset in this and complementary domains, allowing to compare our performance with other methods in literature.

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