Data Science Consultant

Full time

Employment Information

Build an exciting, rewarding career with us – help us make a difference for millions of people every day. Consider joining the Duke Energy team, where you’ll find a friendly work environment, opportunities for growth and development, recognition for your work, and competitive pay and benefits.


Serve as an expert in translating complex data into key strategy insights and valuable actions. Discover business narratives told by the data and present them to other scientists, business stakeholders, and managers at various levels. Develop and test heuristics. Create, train, test, run and refine models. Perform data exploration and data mining. Create business intelligence, dashboards, visualizations, and/or other advanced analytics reports to adequately tell the business narrative and offer recommendations that are practiced, actionable, and have material impact, in addition to being well-supported by analytical models and data. Partner with Business, Clients, establish professional relationship, and communicate with analytics clients in order to understand business needs. Frame Problems with Stakeholder, research and construct problem frames in order to understand the analysis context and scope that will provide timely, useful results. Work in Project Teams and participate in multidisciplinary analytics project teams. Interview Subject Matter Experts, plan and conduct individual interviews with experts to gain valid information and data needed for analysis. Elicit information from groups, plan and conduct group elicitation sessions with working groups to develop and assess alternatives, uncertainties, and value and risk preferences. Communicate results to Decision Makers, explain the Results and conclusions of the analytics process in both written and oral presentation formats. Create recommendations that are practical, actionable, and have material impact, in addition to being well-supported by analytical models and data.


Hybrid position. Must report to office work site 2 days per week. Must live within MSA of office worksite.


Bachelor’s degree or foreign equivalent in Statistics, Computer Science, or Quantitative/Computational Data Analysis or related field plus 36 months of experience in the job offered or in the role of a Business Analytics Consultant, Software Engineer, IT Consultant or a related role.


  • 3 Years of experience in statistics and predictive modeling.
  • 3 Years of experience in code writing and programming.
  • 3 Years of experience in Python, R, or SAS for predictive modeling.
  • 3 Years of experience in using scripts like SQL (Structured Query Language) and/ or Hive for accessing and wrangling data.

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